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Hadise Havberler

Hadise represented Turkey at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with the ethnic pop track ‘Düm Tek Tek” finishing 4th place in the final. She is now set to become a member of the judging panel on a new Turkish reality tv show.

The Voice is a music talent show with a similar format to shows such as The X Factor and Idol in which talented singers audition in front of a team of judges with the hope of successfully passing several qualification rounds to perform live on a weekly basis with the public deciding who makes the final and eventually deciding the overall winner. The unique format of The Voice is that the judges listen to contenders without seeing them, and turn their chairs to signify that they are interested in working with that artist purely based on singing capabilities.

Originally broadcast in Holland, the show has since became a hit in several countries including the US. It has also recently been announced that the UK, Ireland, Greece and Sweden will also begin their own versions of the show in 2012.

According to Turkish press, Hadise is the first person to be approached as a judge with more to follow.

The Voice of Turkey begins in October on Show TV

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